SMSL 36A PRO D類 數字功放 擴音機 25Wx2 連火牛


Features : 

SA-36A Pro has passed reliability tests. Constant temperature and humidity testing ( temperature :0-45 celsius degree; Humidity : 80% ; Time : Each 4H)

Use T DK inductors , AV / PILKOR polyester film capacitors MKP selection of the best series for output filtering. Element , though small, but collections are fine .

SA-36A Pro with Texas Instruments simplest design schematics design standards. Try to use the least , the best material for the principle. Avoid unnecessary coloration to the highest possible degree of reduction of musical flavor.

EPCOS polyester film capacitors do coupling , extremely well, brighter sound grainy , tiny particles are not rounded , and the crystal clear, much like the summer ice melt in your mouth . High frequency is very pretty, good ductility and not harsh.




Main Chip: TDA7492PE.

Power: 25W, 4Ω; 20W, 8Ω

Dynamic range : 103dB

Net Weight: 0.5kg

External dimensions : 150 x 92 x 43mm (including protruding parts)

Housing material : aluminum

Housing Process: sandblasting + pull grain oxide ( not the same as the paint fade )

Screen technology: laser engraving ( not the same as the paint fade )

Signal Input : RCA gold-plated lotus pedestal signal input

Signal output : 4-wire signal output

Power supply : DC12-15V external diameter 5.5mm diameter 2.1mm Ungrateful positive

Circuit material: 1.6mm thick all glass fiber, IMG

Circuit plate : 1.6mm thick all- glass Immersion Gold











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